We have just announced our biggest ever tour, its the That’s How I Like My Tour, tour.

Unruly, ridiculous and surprisingly satisfying, we’ll be combining music and comedy in a typically unpredictable way, blending stupid songs with a carnival atmosphere and plenty of puns. Expect a mixture of toe-tapping tunes, exceptional musicality, and 5 talented musicians being made to do silly things by a bearded comedian.

Tickets are on sale now – Click here for the full tour list and booking information. See you there!

Hi there. We are going to be doing more of the Horne Section podcast. But we’re no longer doing it with Deezer. Which means we don’t have any money! If you fancy funding us, that’d be ace.
You could give us a bit of money here and we’ll be very grateful. Or you could give us a lot of money here and we will make you jingles, songs or dedicate entire episodes to you. Get in touch through the Patreon website or on Twitter and we can work it out. We are not business people but we think this is a good thing and could also be very funny.
Thanks for all and any support.

It’s finally here! If you can’t wait a few more hours, click below for a few sneak previews of the 2-hour Special! And don’t forget to tune in to Dave at 9pm.

Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle and the band perform a very special version of The Promise.

Henry Hoover, joined by the band, sing to us explaining why Chinese Five Spice is his favourite spice.